Sunday, November 8, 2009


Now I am counting. I am seeing that I have plunged into a story and I have limited time and words to resolve the issues I have unleashed. I look around home and see this job and that job that needs doing, and I am having to push them to one side and say, no, you are not getting done just now. Wait, I will deal with you later. I am conscious of the pathway that leads from me to the novel, and I am just keeping that clear. Everything else may have to step back.
And even this is just a proxy for the real issue. Where am I going with this story? And if I were clear about that, then how am I going to get there?
Outside the novel, and outside the house, there are jobs that do need to be done, and there are problems that do need to be sorted out, and I think about the time it may take to sort them out. I am conscious of the temptations of pressure and anxiety. I stop and renew my resolve. Can a person do that? Yes, and again.
And at this stage in the novel, there are encounters for which I am not sure I am prepared. I gather up my power, weighing yin and yang to see through and prevail. I know that persevering will not be good enough; I need to prevail.
The image: yin and yang. I see what to strike for, how to conjure.

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  1. From little things do big things grow.

    I am constantly amazed and I really marvel at the way we are brought together seemingly by chance and yet realistically by invisible thought vibrations that have taken us thousands of years to acknowledge.

    An internet search for a conference organiser to help me write my “Paper Submission” was followed by my wife Jennifer being at a coaching event in Sydney the next day where she heard Glenn as the guest speaker.

    Jennifer won the door prize and came home with a copy of Glenn’s book. She spoke to Glenn and he said “Hello, I was on your website looking at your stuff today.”

    We arranged to meet a week or so latter and as we were running tight for time we called ahead to Glenn and said “can we bring some food and eat at your place while we talk. No, just turn up and I will feed you was his reply (This is really cool, I want some help and he feeds us a beautiful salad.

    Lunch is over and we walk to the office to talk and we offer Glenn a spot in our 4 day leadership program. Glenn accepts and I become his coach for the duration of the 2 month program.

    This is where it gets interesting!

    Now Glenn has another book in him and it is not getting started. The book is refusing to budge and there is fear, there is what if I do and what if I don’t and …. I ask Glenn to take on himself in the workshop and be a participant and not a spectator.

    Well look at what happened.

    50,000 words in a month and a blog as well. I am truly impressed and inspired by what is happening. Glenn told be in his coaching call that he not only took on the project “Nemo Remo” but he inspired one of his friends to do the same.

    So let me finish by saying - From little things do big things grow.

    Glenn is on a personal quest and a journey as we all are and the great and satisfying part of it all for me is that I had a hand in it. What I say and do matters and it counts. Some say it is egotistical and totally unrealistic to claim responsibility for the happenings and events that have occurred in Glenn’s life since I searched for him on the internet.

    That is what “some people” say. What I say is I am awesomely powerful just like you and I am responsible for inspiring Glenn and for him in turn inspiring a friend with the story of his quest and for her to then take on a quest of her own of 50,000 words in a month.

    A quest and a journey for meaning where there is none other than that which we declare. Glenn’s book is a best seller, a master piece and a work of art. My declaration makes it so and our faith sees to it that it is a done deal. That my friend is how my world works and I invite you to have it the same.

    My declaration is that You and I have the power in us to breath life into anyone and everyone. In our declaration to the world that we are powerful beyond measure we make it so. I am reminded of a lesson my wife Jennifer taught on Monday’s webinar this week.

    There is no place for fear when faith is present. If you are inclined to be overcome by fear then faith is absent. Do what you can to bring the faith back into your world and the debilitating effects of fear and smallness will disappear.

    Here is a link to where I have written about Nelson Mandela and his inaugural speech made after decades in prison. His life’s work is a clear demonstration of faith in action.

    Thank you Glenn for your quest.