Monday, July 5, 2010

Cranking up to a book launch

I am working towards the book launch on Sunday 8 August. Three people are speaking at the event (apart from me), at Gleebooks, 49 Glebe Point Road, Glebe. Jennifer Elliott, with whom I did a leadership course last November - which happened to be when I wrote The Ten Thousand Things. And Claire Jankelson, from the organisation Spirituality, Leadership and Management. And Alastair Rylatt will chair the proceedings.
I have been compiling a mailing list, and a list of media people to approach. I will send out notice of the book launch in about a week.
I want my book to be known and loved, like Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. Like Robert Pirsig's Zen and the Art of Motor Cycle Maintenance. Like Richard Bach's The Bridge across Forever. Like Paulo Coelho's books.
I spoke at an ethics conference at Sydney University in June. I spoke about the power of stories to communicate the personal impact of ethics in the workplace - and hence the importance of whether people act ethically or unethically. Learning about ethical theories is not enough, learning decision-making processes is not enough.
I am speaking at a "Wisdom in Management" conference in Canberra this week. What an outlandish concept! When we are used to business people saying "business is business", and "nothing is more important than profit". I am going to talk about my experience as a leader, using the I Ching and trying to operate effectively but in alignment with ethics (ie, with respect and care for people as humans). In other words, I am going to enter into the story that the novel is about.
 In preparing this talk, I happened upon the infinity symbol. I was thinking about the deviations from the true that occur in living. For example, in thinking about our survival in the hurly-burly of existence, we can err on two sides.
First, we can be down-trodden and think of ourselves as victims. This is a bogey raised by the ego in its fear. "We" cannot really be harmed. (Ask Viktor Frankl.) Or, alternatively, we can go forth with aggression, prepared to crush anyone who may threaten us. This is the other way the ego leads us astray.
The two deviations are like the two loops of the infinity symbol. In the middle, between them, there is a still point where we act fearlessly and naturally, in alignment with the cosmic forces, without ego. Our mission? To stay at that still centre, neither a victim or a dominator. We come into our full power when we are not led by the ego, when the power of the cosmos moves through us.
I will have a summary of my Wisdom in Management talk on my website in a week or so. See You can see details about the book launch there as well.
 Cheers, Glenn

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