Monday, November 14, 2011

To the bush and back again

This was the view of the sky on my way to the office the other morning, heading from the house to the office next door to write some more of the story that is unfolding. I have written 32,200 words, exploring the years when I turned my back on the city. It's hard to say exactly what that means without putting it in a catgeory that leaves out the other aspects that are there.
I have delved into my collection of writings from over that time - poems, stories, notes. This is different from my earlier stories, where I was telling a particular story. This time I don't know what the end point is. I just have to take the next step each day and see where it brings me.
The nicest thing about this project, or journey, or exercise, is not knowing where I will end up, and each day has been surprising to me. It's still called "The third story", my placeholder title. I called this blog "To the bush and back again" because I've just come back to the city after over twenty years.
Sometimes the writing is slow, sometimes it is quite quick. I am taking more time over it this year, although I have probably written more words in the days to date. It is stewing slowly. Although, some of the writing is lyrical, and I've enjoyed getting back into the stories again.
To bed. Pen to rest/fingers withdraw from keyboard.

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